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2017年10月9日 星期一

米米與米米同台 - 2008年比利時義大利裔鼓手Mimi Verderame首度與我們從台灣巡迴開始合作

文 / 謝啟彬

My daughter Mimi is listening uncle Mimi (Mimi Verderame) playing a fantastic drum solo, and asked where she was. Actually they were on the same stage!

這也是一次神奇的巡演,Mimi第一次跟我們合作,之前在比利時久仰大名並看過現場,但原本邀請的專輯錄音鼓手檔期喬不開,貝斯手Bart跟我討論,改邀請Mimi ,也讓我們格外期待他的華麗絢爛鼓語會碰撞出什麼火花?



但是從當晚觀眾的超熱情反應,加上所有樂手現場的高度互動與喜悅滿足來看,沒有人會相信這是發生在一天內的事 - 相遇、彩排、演出




至於女兒米米在哪兒呢?她問。答案是她也在台上哦!不過是在媽媽的肚子裡,當時凱雅懷孕五個月了,跟鼓手米米一起創造音樂 ^^


10 years ago (in 2018), we organized the "Mr. Bebu" Taiwan tour totally on our own, concerts in Taipei, Taichung and Nantou, and workshops and jam sessions in Taipei and Taichung, it was an unforgettable experience.

It's the first time we worked with the Belgian/Italian drummer Mimi Verderame, he came in May 2008 and we never played together, just one session before in Belgium long ago, but by then he is a professional already and we were just jazz students. The bassist Bart De Nolf and clarinetist John Ruocco were our teachers at conservatory, when we returned to Taiwan in 2003, we organized the first-time-ever Taipei International Summer Jazz Academy in 2004, Bart and John were invited as faculty from 2004 & 2005.

In 2007 we went "back" to Belgium to  record the second original jazz album "Mr. Bebu" at Pino Guarraci's recording studio, we invited Bart and John as well, so they knew the repertoire and we've been playing together for quite a while either in Belgium or Taiwan.

But Mimi was completely fresh with the repertoire, so Bart sent him the material, and the flight schedule was very tight, they flew in just right on the morning of the concert day!

We quickly drove them to the hotel to refresh a bit, then heading to the concert venue for a one-time rehearsal, it was a 1200-seat concert hall, and the tickets were sold out. The 3 international musicians didn't sleep at all, and we were under stress.

But by then the magic happened! we were listening to each other so closely on stage, so it means we interacted with each other a lot (actually we all were afraid of missing the forms and the cues because of all are original compositions), the whole band were so tight and the music flowed so well, you can hear how audience react to the live in the clip.

It was the first time I (or Kai-ya Chang and me both) could feel a great musical drummer who was pushing the music forward and throwing ideas to "make waves", and the dynamic was large, it could go very wild then very calm, with the strong density as well. So the soloists and the "compist" felt great then inspired us to improvise better!

We are grateful of that tour, and treasure every opportunity to play together by then. In July we decided to invite Mimi Verderame as the faculty of the annual TISJA too, so he came to Taiwan for the second time from Europe within 2 months, and from 2008 to 2015 he was the regular drumming and ensemble faculty every summer in TISJA Taiwan, taught countless local young drummers. And we recorded 4 more albums together.

Mr. Mimi Verderame is also a fantastic jazz guitarist so we can sense that his approach on jazz drumming is very harmonic, intuitive and he is very fast to catch up the improvisational ideas then help accomplishing the whole, our salute to you Mr. Mimi!

BTW, at that time Kai-ya Chang was pregnant, that was then our daughter, her brother - who is Mr. Bebu at 4 years old - gave the new born sister a nick name - Mimi.



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