Educational Side of Chipin & Kaiya - Jazz Teachers, Organizers & Promoters

Besides teaching professionally and privately, Chipin & Kaiya are also well-known for introducing jazz to either musicians or non-musicians by levels, the easy-to-understand way of instruction combined with the deep knowledge of jazz music, great sense of humor. multi-language usage and live demonstration, the unique style had made Chipin & Kaiya became two of the most in-demand jazz instructors locally, and had reached vast amounts of audience.

We specialize on giving/designing Lectures, Master Classes & Workshops about Jazz & relevant music, also taking the roles as translators, writers, organizers, promoters, ...see more of our activities on the online photo albums. Chi-pin Hsieh & Kai-ya Chang also work extensively with the Taipei International Jazz Education & Promotion Association (TIJEPA) which both initiated on 2005.

In 2005, Chi-pin as the musical director, Kai-ya as the director of education, they founded Taipei International Jazz Education & Promotion Association (TIJEPA) to organize annual jazz events and regular educational programs.

TIJEPA has held several international jazz events, including:

1. Annual Jazz educational Season
2. Taipei International Jazz Festival, collaborated with Taipei municipal government
3. Mid-Summer Jazz Promenade
4. Taipei International Summer Jazz Academy (TISJA)
5. Related Lectures and Side Events
6. Exchange and interactive activities for foreign musicians

Please visit the official site of TIJEPA for more info

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