Thanks to EVERYONE we met in the 2015 International Jazz Symposium took place at Tomsk State University, Siberia, Russia!

by Chi-pin Hsieh 文 / 謝啟彬

Waiting in Moscow Airport 9 hours for going home - Yes, fly from Asia to Europe then back to Asia due to the airlines...

But we wanna thank EVERYONE in Tomsk, Siberia, Russia for having 啟彬與凱雅的爵士樂 Chipin & Kaiya's Jazz there!

Thanks to our buddy Rosario Giuliani for recommending us and performing together!

Thanks to the musical director Askhat Sayfullin for trusting us and organizing the whole thing - Yes, we do the same job in Taiwan so we understand how hard you put all these together!

Thanks to Olga Ustyuzhantseva from TSU working so patiently for our complicated VISA and travel issue, and the hospitality there, you really make everything smooth and we are trully grateful!

Thanks to the great musicians Tommy Campbell, Melton Mustafa, Silvano Monasterios, Steve Turre, Bradley Vines and the Co. for the hang, and working together for the very first time and hopefully not the last time!

Thanks to the award-winning Sound engineer from Barcelona - Jordi Martin Lada to help us for the best sound on stage and for the audience!

Thanks to all the music teachers, band directors and students from Tomsk and Novosibirsk area for the support, hope to see you again!

Last but not the least, thanks to the helper students from TSU - Alina Basova, Surkura Surtaeva, Irina & Kristina and many others for taking care of us and the Taiwanese students/band members - Stone Shih & Jiun-Hung Lin, your unforgettable effort is so impressive, please come to visit Taiwan soon and hope to see you again in Tomsk or Taipei!

~ Chi-pin Hsieh & Kai-ya Chang (Taiwanese Jazz Musicians & Educators, Promoters)

P.S. The gifts are from my mother Shu-hui Tung - she hand made the cloth for the chopsticks, very meaningful, her work is now being used and appreciated all over the world!

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啟彬與凱雅的爵士樂2015十月首度出訪俄羅斯 參與托木斯克國際爵士樂研討會與音樂節之完整新聞報導 Chipin & Kaiya's Jazz in Tomsk, Siberia, Russia, October 2015

We are on Russian TV News! (More to come...)